Fearless International Explorer and Multifaceted Woman.

The Grand Solfeggio
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2022 Work in light therapy.


Certification in Maharishi International University Introductory Vastu Architecture. maharishivastu.org.


Work with Tennant Biomodulator healing device. tennantinstitute.com

A recent study lead by the Baylor College of Medicine found that electrical stimulation devices (such as the Tennent BioModulator®) improved muscle perfusion, the rate at which oxygen is delivered to muscles, and endurance in patients who were hospitalized due to the COVID-19 infection and experienced persistent atrophy, weakness, pain or fatigue in the lower extremities.  Read More>


Iris’ Phi Center School for Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts opens. Thephicenter.net.


Begin working with driftwood.


January 23

UFO’s appear over Okinawa prefectural capitol buildings.

At approximately 9:00pm on 23 January, reports started coming into the Okinawa Times about a strange array of lights over their capital city Naha. Japan’s Self Defense Force and astronomical experts are without answer, yet witness accounts and videos claim a dozen or so bright orange lights appearing to hang and shift around in the sky could be see in the area.  READ MORE >


November 28

Mystic Satoshi and Iris in New York City.

At Chelsea Pier, Satoshi And Iris Watch As “wisdom” Sophia Launches Her Long Awaited Divine Feminine Energy Of Wisdom From The Statue Of Liberty Over New York.



Okinawa, Japan

Iris introduces Drs. Desiree & James Hurtak to the Yaharazukasa Monument. The Keys of Enoch is published in Japanese this month. The Hurtaks arrive in Okinawa to film the Yaharazukasa monument which (according to Mystic Satoshi) received its name from the Hebrew name for God, Yahweh. This Is another significant confirmation that the ancient Hebrews traversed this locale in the past.

Drs. Desiree & JJ Hurtak and Iris with the Yaharazukasa Monument in background

Proto Hebrew engravinng at Yonaguni, Japan.  Scene from film Temple of Mu.com

Scholars worldwide are beginning to confirm that the two phonetic alphabets of the Japanese hiragana and katakana are derived from the ancient Hebrew. There are over 15,000 similar words. 


See book, The Biblical Hebrew origin of the Japanese people. This adds credence to the proto Phoenician carvings found at Yonaguni in the film Temple of Mu produced by Iris in 1999.  




The Grand Solfeggio Tones CD is released.

See Iris’ website GrandSolfeggio.com.  The Grand Solfeggio Tones help heal through cymatics.  Work with mathematician & writer GW Hardin.


Certifications in the Reconnection (alternative & remote healing).  TheReconnection.com


January 12

Mystic Satoshi advises Iris that the word “Yaharazukasa,” denoting the Yaharazukasa sacred site in Okinawa, Japan, comes from the word “Yahweh,” suggesting that the ancient Hebrews may have been there at one time. 

This gives additional credence to the proto-Phoenician (proto-Hebrew) writing previously found carved into the stone in Yonaguni as shown in Iris’ 2000 film, “The Temple of Mu.”


Gathered Master Working with Joseph Crane using the Angelic Gate of Grace.

Iris DeMauroand Joseph Crane

Angelic Gate of Grace


to Present

Create Quartz Crystal Lighting


Build domes and research center near Sandpoint, Idaho, becoming one of the foremost monolithic dome construction professionals worldwide.


“The Temple of Mu” (ancient Yonaguni underwater monuments) airs on Fox History Channel in Australia. TempleOfMu.com.


Meet Dr. Joseph Puleo & Dr. Len Horowitz, and the unfolding of the Gathering of the Eagles.

The Gathering of the Eagles. Begin research as protégée of the late Dr. Puleo (Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse) working with biblical healing codes and frequencies to peacefully heal and uplift all people. (Click here for Dr. Puleo’s account of The Gathering of the Eagles). These healing codes were the introduction of the solfeggio tones to the world and have now expanded to become the Grand Solfeggios.

Dr. Joseph Puleo

Iris DeMauro and Dr. Len Horowitz


Second expedition to film Yonaguni underwater monuments

Iris diving Yonaguni monument turtle with dive master John Rogojkin.    templeofmu.com


First expedition to Yonaguni. in Japan on the Temple of Mu filming expedition.

First expedition to Yonaguni, Japan to film underwater monuments, accompanied by Dr. Masaaki Kimura . Meet Dr. JJ Hurtak, author of the Keys of Enoch,; Dr. Robert Schoch- Voices of the Rocks; Vince Pace.


to Present

Research in integrative medicine.

Light Therapy; Bio Modulator; Rife machine technologies, True Rife; Quantum Biofeedback technologies including the L.I.F.E. System; QXCI/ Indigo and GDV aura technology.


Colin Andrews Crop Circle show at Archetype Gallery


American Museum of Art and Design exhibition: “The Banquet”.

Archetype gallery partners Iris DeMauro and Robert Gaul present “Respiriting the Art of Dining.”


New York City real estate design and development:  Cast Iron District – Landmarks historical restoration of 113-115 mercer street in Soho, New York City.

Before restoration

After Landmark’s restoration


UFO Expedition to Mexico.

See first UFO’s with infra-red equipment. Visit TV studio of Jaime Maussan

Patricia Kelly, Synthia & Colin Andrews, & Iris in Mexico


Crop Circle expedition to England with Colin Andrews. (Stonehenge, England vicinity)

See first UFO’s with infra-red equipment. Visit TV studio of Jaime Maussan

Iris in Litchfield, Hampshire UK crop circle formation


Patricia, MaryAnn and Iris, trained by Colin Andrews, investigate the authenticity of the Herkimer, New York crop circle by taking samples for the lab.


President of GEO – An all genuine stone furniture manufacturer at the International Design Center, New York City.

Showroom to the design profession. Click here for more information about GEO International

1986 – 1996

President of Archetype Gallery – “Art Designed for Living.”

An avant-garde art gallery in Soho, New York City, specializing in artist-designed objects including lighting, jewelry, home furnishings with vice president and beloved partner, Robert Gaul.

Click here for more information on Archetype Gallery Art Designed for Living

115 Mercer St, Soho, New York City

138 Spring St, Soho


to Present

Practicing architectural designer/ architect

Article above featured on “100 designers favorite Rooms”


Parson’s School of Design, New York City – B.F.A. Environmental Design


to Present

Real estate design and development: passive & active solar homes.

Passive & active solar home development, specializing in Saunders Solar Staircase, Massachusetts.

The open risers (vertical members of staircase) allow in winter sun to warm the interior. the mirrored treads deflect out the hot summer sun. to keep the interior cool.


University of California, Berkeley- B.A. Psychology


Playboy Bunny.

It may come as a complete surprise, but Playboy Bunnies were one of the groups of women at the forefront of the women’s liberation movement.

Click here for more information.


to Present

Transcendental Meditation.

Maharishi International University

To watch Dr. Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR, the CEO of the Maharishi University world-wide Transcendental Meditation Organization explain TM in very simple words, visit YouTube: Click Here.