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By Iris DeMauro

The influence of the sun’s energy on the human being and all life is the first and most important principle in Vastu Architecture. The Vastu building serves as an interface between universal cosmic intelligence and our individual intelligence, with the goal to create a protective shelter for the persons occupying a man-made construct, whether a residence or a workplace. The design elements of Vastu architecture, particularly in the location of rooms, are based on the effect of the sun’s energy on our daily activities. 

The Earth is a very large rotating body upon which we tiny humans live.  If we pause to consider this, it is obvious that the earth’s  various energies must necessarily influence us to a huge degree. The cardinal principle in Vastu is to build in accordance with the higher natural laws of nature and the universe rather than opposing them. This means that we align our buildings along the same axis on which the earth spins; meaning aligning buildings to the north pole, or true north. There is a great deal of confusion generated between true north and magnetic north. True north does not change, whereas magnetic north changes according to changes in Earth’s magnetic field, which ranges up to 40 meters per year, due to movement of molten ferrous (iron) material beneath the crust. Visualizing our spinning planet with its longitude and latitude lines, and aligning our buildings to these lines may be the simplest way to  end the confusion. True north cannot be found with a compass. Vastu principles state that any building not aligned to the longitude and latitude lines, or the cardinal directions, would be an unhealthy space. It could be compared to swimming upstream against the current, as opposed to swimming downstream with the current. 

Vastu Architecture could be called “Enlightened Architecture,” where one lives in harmony with the cosmos. Even fifty years ago, a typical scientist may have scoffed at such concepts as superstitious. However, t with the advancement of knowledge today, scientific studies at Maharishi International University, particularly, have proven the validity of these ancient ideas. Amazingly, only now with the advancement of science, can these ancient Vedic concepts be proven mathematically and psychologically. By incorporating a set of scientifically validated Vastu guidelines, one can create fortune-building, happy homes and workspaces. It may be possible to incorporate some of the aspects of today’s standard architecture within the Vastu parameters to create healthier spaces, but there is quite a difference that requires re-education. Interestingly enough, however, the most beautiful architecture throughout the ages seems to naturally incorporate many Vastu principles such as beauty, symmetry and light as in the ancient temples in Angkor Wat, Greece and India. It may be that when designing with higher spiritual intent, one may naturally tap into the higher resources available to the human mind, which are really none other than the consciousness of universal mind itself, or the Unified Field where lies the basis of all that exists. 

As Earth spins eastward, the sun and other planetary bodies appear to move overhead from east to west. It is as if there is an energetic current above us. A simple analogy would be the current in a river: swimming with the current is far easier than swimming against it. Therefore, if  planetary bodies are moving from east to west, it may be wise to make use of this energy rather than oppose it. Why fight the beneficial flow of the universe when one can “go with the flow” and have a more abundant, healthier and happier life? At Maharishi University, there is a huge bank of scientific research and data supporting Vastu. Maharishi spent 20 years reviewing and consolidating the ancient Vedic texts to return the lost knowledge of Sthapatya Veda Architecture back to humanity; an amazing feat! 

Many scientifically verified studies have been done on brain wave coherence of those working facing east. Facing east promotes a more powerfully functioning mind. In Vastu, Kitchens may be placed in the south east end of the home to take advantage of the sun and its nourishing aspects on food. Head boards may be placed against an east wall or alternately a south wall. A Brahmasthan is considered the silent core the house around which all is centered just as it is in an atom, a cell, a solar system all the way up to a galaxy and possibly further on: “As above, so below; As below, so above” – from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

If the concept of “go with the flow” (of the sun, cosmos and natural law) weren’t enough, Ancient Vastu also conveys methods to create the Meissner Field Effect in physics. The Meissner effect was “scientifically” discovered in the 1930’s although the ancient Vedics obviously knew about it thousands of years ago. The Meissner effect is a superconducting force field that, when properly constructed, can deflect incoherent energies, or negative energies and magnetic fields. Essentially, if a coherent Meissner space is created, its power makes it exceedingly difficult for incoherent energies to penetrate. This is proven repeatedly by studies and anecdotal stories of wildfires leaving Vastu homes unscathed, lower crime rates, better health, happier marriages and even prosperity. The list goes on and on and is available through Maharishi International University research. 

On YouTube (The Meissner Effect), a magnet can be seen hovering above a Meissner field. In Vastu architecture, creating this physically provable energy field can deflect incoherent energies. These are energies that move away from natural higher evolutionary flow toward entropy rather than higher evolution, which is also the goal of Transcendental Meditation. With the various methods used to create this field, incoherent energies such as crime, unhappiness, and other negative influences are naturally deflected away from a building thus protecting its occupants. This coherent Meissner field is a powerful energy that forces chaos or entropy to circumvent it and creates an invincibility within. This invincibility comes from working within the higher forces of natural law which Maharishi always spoke of and is the basis for higher consciousness, as opposed to chaos. Therefore, working within natural law creates for us a powerful system of living that is conducive to more happiness, joy and prosperity in our lives – in other words: Maharishi’s “Fortune-creating Homes.”